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Coline Ramonet-Bonis — Aqueous Memories & Larmes pétrole

Coline Ramonet-Bonis
Aqueous Memories & Larmes pétrole

Aqueous Memories plunges visitors into the wet, fluid thoughts of water, which hold and connect us with the memory of human metamorphoses on earth. It also tells the story of waters stained by oil, black water that carries stories of extractivism and colonialism. As these waters flow and spread out into space, gradually they also seep into ourselves.

Interweaving hydrofeminism and evolutionary ecology, this wallpaper proposes the exploration of an interspecific aqueous membrane while becoming the moult of the surrounding walls. It aims to remind audiences of our nature as bodies of water, and how, as such, we carry within us the memories of the sea.


Coline Ramonet-Bonis