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Nonhuman Nonsense — Haunted Waters

Nonhuman Nonsense
Haunted Waters

Pollution, contamination, forever chemicals…What have we done?! OMG! I need a glass...

Welcome to the Haunted Waters Bar—a growing collection of contaminated waters. Here, you'll find a menu featuring a variety of water samples from around the world, submitted by activists, scientists, swimmers, citizens, and friends. Some samples come from lakes, rivers, and the sea, while others are filled from the tap. While they may all look similar, each water is haunted by a multitude of ‘spirits’ telling different stories—stories that speak of the past, of decisions made by those in power, of struggles, accidents, wars, greed, and action.

Chemicals in water are not unlike ghosts – they haunt and alter beings and places, are often invisible to the naked eye, relate to historic injustice, and are trapped in places they were not meant to be. The complexity of chemical cocktails hinders research on their negative impact on health and environment. The destruction of ecosystems and disruption of communities conjures these eerie beings into existence; the spirits have awakened!

How do we live with haunted waters?


Nonhuman Nonsense | Caterina Cacciatori

Image by: Nonhuman Nonsense, 2022