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PlugNPlay – Showcase

.2022 13:30-18:00


How can you use technology creatively for the future? Together with Gluon we've been developing different workshops with schools where we challenge students to prototype innovative solutions using a PlugNPlay toolbox of sensors and the online platform We introduce young people to the possibilities of PlugNPlay and digital prototyping in the context of food, water, construction and mobility. By linking technology to artistic-critical thinking, we respond to the need for STEAM in education.


This showcase is a window into the PlugNPlay project with a variety of participants showing the results of their experiments with the toolbox.


14:00 - Presentation of works created by members or residents at iMAL’s Fablab (ENG / NL / FR)

Presentation of a few works created at our Fablab during Creative Fab, in residency etc...

Valentine Maurice / Laure Hocine / Lola Daels / Eliot Duran / Windmill Project: Julien Petrequin / Louanne Deltenre & Lina Nkoko

15:00 - Presentation by Gluon (NL + FR )

PlugNPlay experience + presentation future projects

Between 13:30 and 18:00: PLugNPlay on the spot

Initiation to the kit.


Valentine Maurice

Born and grown in Paris, Valentine is currently living and working between Paris and Amsterdam.
She has become a social light designer after a master's in Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She then developed a practice questioning the transdisciplinarity research that explores issues around care and health, that is a scientific approach related to well-being focusing on insomnia problems, light deregulation and technology dependence.

Laure Hocine

Laure Hocine is a Belgian born artist who is residing and working in London. She primarily works with video installations and is currently experimenting with automated movement of the video display. She previously was working on mouvements relating to car ride sickness and is interested in gaps between expected and actual motions.

Lola Daels

Lola Daels is a Brussels based artist. Leaving from found objects, she poses critical inquiries about the ecological and socio-political situation. By reshaping and integrating her relics into new contexts she questions the concept of authenticity in our globalizing society. She has exponentially gravitated towards researching the human impact from an ecological preoccupation. She works site-specifically, both in research scope as well as in execution.

Eliot Duran

Coming from the world of drawing, Eliot Duran inadvertently discovered digital sculpture in 2018. The following year he took up a research residency at the iMAL Fablab, during which he printed his sculptures for the first time and confronted the constraints of the technique. From then on, through a form of post-modern alchemical quest, he strives to synthesise the ideal material for his creations, somewhere between Meissen porcelain and Lidl toys.

Windwest - Julien Petrequin

The Windwest project is a series of workshops aiming at the co-construction of a wind turbine on the Molenwest site in collaboration with the Fablab'ke and its extension Fab West. The workshop was led by Stéfan Piat from iMAL and Julien Petrequin from Fablab'ke/MCCS.

Louanne Deltenre & Lina Nkoko - Projet REBU

Rebu is a digital installation, playful and modular, in which the user progresses by connecting cubes together and this construction will reflect his personality as he makes choices. Project conceived and realised by the duo Lina Nkoko and Louanne Deltenre.