30 Quai des Charbonnages
Koolmijnenkaai, 1080 Brussels
Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

Rachel M. Cholz

About Rachel's residency at iMAL

"Viens Valeur" is a project linking theatrical issues to web interfaces. It is a project with a rather particular approach. It's directly inspired by the ASMR process, a very popular phenomenon on Youtube. It is about experiencing a dramaturgy involving three female youtubers on their own channel.

This project developed around two concepts. Firstly, the fetishism of objects as possible sounds. There is thus a semiotic shift in the face of the disinterest shown in the object as a carrier of a certain meaning.
Through this project, Rachel also questions the networking of the image.


Rachel M. Cholz moved to Brussels in 2010. She participates in micro-openings, writes narrative, for installation-performance and for theatre. Through her structure called Avril[s], she aims to stage her texts, but also works on multidisciplinary projects, such as the Viens Valeur digital arts project.