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Eva Ostrowska — I am not the only one wondering

Eva Ostrowska
I am not the only one wondering (2019)


Eva Ostrowska (b.1989) is a French visual artist whose mixed media work offers critiques of social dynamics and romantic relationships using a raw and unapologetic combination of humour, sarcasm, and irony. Ostrowska provides a commentary on love and relationships in the digital era, the dissonance of which is made even more impactful through the use of ancient mediums such as weaving and knitting to depict modern digital realities like the text message.

Ostrowska’s focus is on how the Internet and electronic communication has changed the way that we love, commit and build our relationships. She reflects the vulnerabilities, humiliations, paranoias and anxieties that can be experienced as part of this brave new world of ‘love on the screen’. Through an exploration of all possible forms of internet love drama, via pornography, dating apps, virtual realities, and long-distance relationships, she reflects on how love, at times, can be reduced to a collection of quick-text exchanges; how the cupid of modern times appears to be nothing more than an algorithm.

Her impactful performances and humorous tapestries examine love and betrayal as traumatic experiences yet still retain elements of self-derision. On July 16th, 2016, Ostrowska married herself
as a celebration of self-victory following her fiancé’s infidelity.

Holding Master’s Degrees from L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux and the Sorbonne University in Paris. Ostrowska began as a freelance photographer in New York City, working for newspapers such as The New York Times. Her work has appeared in various international publications, and her self-published book is housed in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA), and the Franklin Furnace Archives of Brooklyn. Ostrowska currently lives and works in Lorient, France.

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