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Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

Workshop: DIY solutions to Technological Pain - Dasha Ilina

25.01 /// 14:00 - 18:00

DIY Solutions Against Tech Pain is a workshop focused on imagining DIY objects against health problems that arise from technology, using materials you can find in your own home. During the workshop you will conceptualize and create an object in order to alleviate tech pain, while encouraging a discussion around the impact technology has on our physical and mental health. If you have ever experienced eye dryness from staring at a screen for too long or neck pain from looking down at your phone too much, this workshop is for you!


No specific requirements


Dasha Ilina is a Russian artist based in Paris, France. Through the employment of low tech and DIY approaches her work highlights the nebulous relationship between our desire to incorporate modern technologies into our daily lives and proposed social imperatives for care of oneself and others. Her practice engages the public in order to facilitate a space for the development of critical thought regarding our modern day relationships, privacy in the digital age, and the reflexive contemporary desire to turn to technology for answers. She is the founder of the Center for Technological Pain, a project that proposes DIY solutions to health problems caused by digital technologies for which she has received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica. She is also the co-director of NØ SCHOOL, a summer school that focuses on critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies.