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Talk + Brunch: Bio-fabrication: the solution towards a more sustainable fashion - Paula Ulargui

29.01 /// 12:00 - 14:00

12:00 - 13:00: Talk + Brunch
Option: Brunch by Le Réalism: 5 euro

13:00 - 14:00: Workshop in the Fablab

Every day the climate urgency is more palpable, companies are having no choice but to invest in new ways to reduce the impact of their productions. All of us, as consumers, are also finally becoming aware of this cause. In the fashion industry, it is easy to conclude that the big changes have to come from large companies or brands. They are the ones with the resources and that pollute the most, but this thought is far from reality. As designers and artists, we underestimate the great power of change that we have in this industry, and during this workshop we will see examples that demonstrate it. Sustainability will be guided by the new generations of young people, designers and artists. Our updated vision of the world has proven to be capable of breaking, on many occasions, the barriers of what it’s established, to create new styles, materials and an innovative fashion industry in constant progress.

In order to understand this, we will talk about textile bio-manufacturing as a solution to a sustainable industry, delving into the problems and values that give rise to this movement. Also, from my experience as a designer, we will see the manufacturing processes of these new materials, ending the activity learning how to create a bioplastic, from which everyone would be able to create their own fabrics.


These past years Paula Ulargui has devoted her work to researching new innovative, alternative and, of course, sustainable fabrics that could be implemented in the world of fashion. This industry has been using the same fabrics and materials for years, and it is in this field where the challenge of sustainability lies on.

Paula worked leading biomaterials research projects, collaborated with artists and brands, such as  Loewe, and currently works in Inditex, where she sources and develops new more sustainable fabrics and solutions.

“I think it's time to find new answers to an industry that I adore. The future we are headed involves integrating different disciplines of art and science so that new solutions emerge from their fusion.”

Requirements for the workshop

No specific knowledge is needed.

Brunch offered by

LE REALISM Sophie Pelletier.
A young chef based in Brussels whose practice hovers between the artistic and the culinary. She operates under the enigmatic name Le Realism. She studied Art History in Rennes and Art school after in Angers. Her credo was always to support independant businesses, Working with local fare.
« We have to react against the hegemony of soulless food chains. It’s about having an artistic, culinary and personally motivated practice. I want to embed my ethics in the things i do, and i honestly also get a lot back from that. »
So she only works with small producers and cooks according to the seasons. Forging alliances with the like-minded people.
In her cooking, she’s actually mostly guided by colours and textures. Basically she walks 10km per day, foraging wild herbs and flowers all over Brussels and Brittany in park and forest.