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Val Macé — Personal music partner

Val Macé
Personal music partner

Are you bored of playing music alone, but don’t like people?
Would you like to add a little salt to your solo playing session?
Or maybe you just find your metronome too dull?

Let’s build your own music partner!

Come with an old shitty guitar, a sanza, a flute or whatever you want as long as it sounds. Why not a metallic tea-pot?

With small motors and a microcontroller, we’ll turn them into a portable acoustic sequencer. We can even amplify it!

Practical info

12—14.04.2024, 10:00—18:00
iMAL, Brussels

Workshop language: Val speaks English & French

No pre-requisite required.

Bring whatever object you'd like to turn into an instrument!

Tickets: 80€ (full price), 50€ (students, teachers, citizens of Molenbeek, unemployed, 65+, Fablab members)

Val Macé was born in Caen in 1986, and his work combines a variety of techniques and media: sculpture, electronics, code, DIY acrobatics, sewing, drawing and mechanical music, most of which he uses to create moments, objects or spaces for live performance.

Either as a musician with groups such as PLOYBOY, One Bit Direction Direction, Fatal Coincoin or solo with his set of DIY instruments.

Or by creating exotic scenographic objects for theatres such as the Nimis group or the Compagnie Gare Centrale.

Or by producing his own street performance projects as part of the Boîte à Clous collective, including Dragobus, Carrousel Shuriken, Robert la Licorne and, more recently, CHANTIER!

His work is rarely static. There's often something at play between the absurdity of his productions and the technical complexity they involve.

Val lives and works in Brussels.


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