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Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

V2_ Residency: Mladen Bundalo

About Mladen's Residency at iMAL

Mladen Bundalo will be working on"Hypermigrations", a kinetic video installation/essay which explores several hyper-migrations which took place in Europe in the last 45k years, and related cultural and social shifts, fusions, but also conflicts. All static and moving parts of the installation will be engineered, tested and assembled during the residency period with us.


As someone who grew up in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s, I had no choice but to witness what it means to live through a social disaster and economic breakdown. This experience of a feral, never-ending transition and cultural disappearance became a part of my intrinsic spacetime, a mechanism which is constantly ticking out critical questions. From the other side, as an artist-migrant, having lived in five European countries within the last ten years, I am trying to understand how my homeland memories define the way I walk and act in my new living spaces and interact with diverge offsets of European bureaucracy and adhocracy.

The choice to address these questions means to me much more than an occasion to make an “art” - it brings me the happiness of exploring and understanding a geometry of our inner universes and their fragility to cultural patterns, technological flows, and social frictions. Therefore, one can say that the work is focused to explore the phenomenology of cultural experience, mainly digging through internal monologues and mental registries of systems of economy, science, and politics.

Some of the results came in a form of Moving Chronotopes, a type of Bakhtian dialogical system of ideas, works of art and writings, which examine nodal, spatiotemporal categories in the experience of actual society, such as profit, control, domination, inflation, antagonism, but also memory, uncertainty, and well-being.