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FabLab Membership

To access the FabLab, you have to be a member, either individually or affiliated through your institution. FabLab.iMAL is a common ressource used by all members. Members pay a fee which contributes partly to its running, equipment's maintenance and new purchases.

All Members can access the FabLab during the public hours: every Monday from 18:30 to 22:00 and every Wednesday from 10:00 to 18:00.

All members have to attend an introduction workshop for learning how to use the machines (lasercutter, 3d printer or CNC mill). Some machines have an hourly rate which changes depending on the member formula chosen.

Members bring their own materials or can buy them directly to us (see our prices). They come with their laptop to prepare their work and files (the fablab is equipped with computers to control machines only).

Members respect the sharing, exchanging and opening's values of FabLab.iMAL, of the FabLab's community and the FabLab's Charter. They contribute to the knowledge base Wikimal. Members do not use the FabLab for activities or commercial productions.

Pro Formula

200€ / Year
45€ discount if you had a Light embership beforehand
Price reduction for workshops & masterclasses
Laser cutter: 15€/hr
CNC mill: free (but broken parts have to be paid)
3D print: free (but the ABS or PLA plastic filament has to be paid = 0,08 €/gr)
Access: during public hours, and week days according to the planning