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Koolmijnenkaai, 1080 Brussels
Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

More about us

A short history

iMAL is a non-profit organization created in Brussels in 1999, with the objective to support artistic forms and creative practices using computer and network technologies as their medium. In 2007, we opened our new venue: a Centre for Digital Cultures and Technology of about 600m2 for the meeting of artistic, scientific and industrial innovations. A space entirely dedicated to contemporary artistic and cultural practices emerging from the fusion of computer, telecommunication, network and media.

iMAL is the unique combination of: a European Contemporary Art Center, a Media Lab and a FabLab. This unique integration of an Art Center producing various public events (exhibitions, lectures, concerts/performances) with a Media Lab for artists to research, experiment, share and exchange with and about new technologies. In 2012 we opened our Fablab, one of first in the Brussels region.

iMAL has become an international meeting place for artists, scientists and creative people, ideally located in Brussels, a multicultural and international city and the capital of Europe.

Thanks to a support from the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF) we have doubled our infrastructure along the Canal in Brussels with a re-opening in 2020 as a European Center where art, science, technology, innovation and integration meet.

With this new center we want to formulate a response to a rapidly evolving digital society. The center not only provides space for (inter)national art practices that use, challenge and question innovative processes but will also be a place where technological developments and creativity are shared with a local community in the context of social integration.

Media Lab/Art Laboratory

Experimentation, Residency, Production

We are also laboratory and a workplace for artists in residence, supporting them during their experimentation and research process as well as for the production and diffusion of their works. Some examples include: "Salt Lake" de Tom Heene et Yacine Sebti, "Synapse" de Pascale Barret, “Jump!” de Yacine Sebti, "Chapter I: The Discovery" de Félix Luque. As an organisation we are closely involved in interdisciplinary projects where digital expressions augment in a meaningful way danse, theater and visual arts.


Research for the Art, Art & Science, Industrial innovation

Regular meetings are organised between creative professionals, innovative technological companies and research institutions (see our rendezvous). In 2008-2009, iMAL was a partner of the research project VIRAGE, a French initiative gathering university labs, innovative companies and art institutions.


Workshops, Masterclasses

Next to the introduction and support workshops (Summer Digital Art Workshops, Code, Arts & Crafts), we organise professional masterclasses for artists, designers, developers, etc.) under the direction of well-known artists like Casey Reas, David Rokeby, Jasch, Julian Oliver).

More about our educational programme here.

Art Center

Exhibitions, lectures, concerts,...

Our public events are conceived to raise the awareness of a large audience to the creative usage and critical reviews of information technologies, such as lectures, performances, concerts, exhibitions and festivals like:

  • “F2F” - 2003
  • “Infiltrations Digitales” - 2004
  • “openLAB” - 2005
  • "Art+Game" - 2006
  • "Holy Fire" - 2008
  • "Playlist" - 2010
  • "Media Facade Festival Europe" - 2010

Inviting internationally well-known and established artists like Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jodi, Scott Snibbe, Toshio Iwai, Atau Tanaka, Antoine Schmitt and local emerging ones, we aim to create an inspiring environment where artists can showcase their work.


Artsworks (co-)produced by iMAL are shown or performed in many festivals and art centers around the world: Helsinki (CONTinENT, 2000; Kiasma, 2003), Madrid (VIDA, 2003), Los Angeles (AIM iV, 2003), Stuttgart (Filmwinter, 2004), Lisbon (Alkantara, Close Encounters III, 2006), Amsterdam (Victorian Circus at Brakke Grond, 2006), Basle (Viper, 2006), Montréal (Temps d’Images, 2007), Sao Paulo (File, 2007 and 2010), Ghent (Almost Cinema at Vooruit, 2007), Shanghai (eArts/Ars Electronica, 2007; Shangai Biennale, 2010), London (Sum/Some of the PARTS, 2007), Singapore (Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), Berlin (Transmediale 2010), Linz (Ars Electronica 2010), Shanghai Art Biennale (2010).


As a network institution we collaborate with Belgian partner institutions like: Laboral, Medialab-Prado, Hangar/ SP, V2, Mediamatic / NL, m-cult / FI, GMEA, Cie Incidents Mémorables, Incident, Art Sensitif / FR, FACT / UK, Ars Electronica Futurelab / AU,… ).

The full list of our partners and network can be found here.