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Ana Teresa Vicente

About Ana Teresa Vincente's residency at iMAL.

During her residency at iMAL, Ana Teresa Vicente will be developing a speculative project that continues her research on the concept of Transtopia. For Kai-Cheung, Transtopia implies the idea of continual transit: “Places that exist in the form of maps are inevitably fated to suffer transformation and transference, and as such they are like comets that travel unceasingly, circling over and over again, forever in the act of transit, never arriving at their destinations. Transtopia is a place with transit itself as its destination” (Kai-Cheung, p. 61).

By exploring a visual representation of predicted migratory flows due to macro-factors such as climate change, Ana Teresa Vicente will address the “Politics of Spaces and Bodies” topic provided by the Halaqat project. What different types of “transit” we can experiment in order to relate to other people and places? How can the notions of identity and difference be questioned, in order to dilute the human-made borders and increase human efforts to heal our natural environment?


Ana Teresa Vicente is an artist and researcher based in Lisbon, Portugal. She holds a PhD in Fine Arts – Photography from the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine Arts, with a fellowship by FCT (PT). She has been presenting her work regularly since 2005, through exhibitions, lectures, and publications. Latest exhibitions include After Shot, Taipei Photo Festival (TW), SITUATIONS / The Right to Look, Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH), Selections from the Seagrave Museum, DAAP Gallery (USA), and Palimpsesto at Penafiel Museum, (PT), Timelessness at Ars Electronica Campus (co-curated with Professor Mónica Mendes), Athens Photo Festival, GR, and FORMAT19, UK. She received a Fundação Oriente Grant to pursue an AIR in Hong Kong at In-situ and V54. She was a co-coordinator and researcher of the Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures (Lisbon, PT). She’s part of the Archivo Research Network (Porto, PT). Currently, she’s a Photography Lecturer at ESAD.CR, Caldas da Rainha, PT.

Halaquat is supported by

The European project Halaqat is implemented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. Halaqat is co-funded by the European Commission (under the designation: EU-LAS CULTURE), the Goethe-Institut and Bozar.