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The Cookery - Jab Show

A special dinner performance by Jieun OH, born in Seoul and Le Realism, born in Brittany.

For The Cookery, they propose a vegetarian banquet based on "wild herbs" (jab cho in Korean). This proposal is the result of walks, herbs picking and various exchanges.

Two personalities become a culinary landscape, inviting people into an open space that encourages connection between individuals through food and its many virtues.

Le Realism / Sophie Pelletier is a chef whose practice lies somewhere between the artistic and the culinary.

She studied History of Art at the University of Rennes and then at the Art School of Angers. She is driven to develop an artistic, culinary and personally motivated practice. Sophie Pelletier's cooking is particularly guided by colours and textures.

The chef walks 10 km daily, foraging wild herbs and flowers in the parks and forests of Brussels and Brittany.

Based between Seoul and Nice, France, artist Jieun Oh (b. 1992), known as Ozo traverses multiple mediums, including painting, ceramics, and participatory performance installations.

Emphasizing interactive engagement with her audience, Ozo curates events where viewers become integral parts of the artwork, blurring the lines between spectator and participant. Through her practice, she explores the role of art in fostering connections between individuals, communities, and cultures, probing themes of diversity and relational dynamics.

Currently, Ozo's focus lies in the narratives of weeds, inspired by personal experiences and observations of immigrant communities. Drawing parallels between these narratives and the imagery of resilient wild grass from folk traditions, she intertwines the stories of immigrant women with those of weeds, portraying a narrative of beauty and resilience.

The Cookery 2024 is possible thanks to the support of Innoviris; the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, through the transnational cooperation project "European Digital Deal"; and the Polish Institute.