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Conference: Localisme


ATTENTION: The talks during this conference will be in French.

Everybody wants 'local', yet few are the ones actually dealing with it. We more or less would all like a boom in local production.

But why are we then still far from our target? What is a local product nowadays? Why are they more difficult to reach? Could they make a city resilient? And are they really eco-friendly?

A study day born from a conversation between HIER and iMAL; LOCALISM presents testimonies, case studies, a share of ideas and experiences, discoveries and initiative. All the ingredients necessary to fuel a debate.

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TIMETABLE Saturday 12.09

Talk: Permafungi
Users Matter - Olivier Wathelet
Fablab - Open discussion
BC Materials
Talk 20

Practical information

Some practical pointers for the weekend:
→We’ll try to make this event as safe as possible for everyone. We work on a first come first served basis: once capacity is reached you will have to wait until more space becomes available.
→Please disinfect your hands when you enter the building + wear your mask when you are moving around.
→Entrance to the conference is free but the POST GROWTH exhibition is paying. The exhibition is open from 14h-18h on Saturday, if you wish to visit it, please go to the front desk and pay.
→The bar on the first floor will be open. We kindly ask you to take your drinks with you and consume them while seated on the second floor. Please take your empty bottles/glasses back down as well.

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15:00→16:00: Permafungi

A cooperative with a social purpose, based in Brussels, that recycles coffee grounds. Two observations are at the origin of the project; the abundance of urban waste and the fairly high unemployment rate among young people. In 2003 was launched the research to recycle coffee grounds and feed it into the production of oyster mushrooms, providing a stable and permanent job for young Brussels residents. After a pilot phase led in the cellar of Tanneurs’ workshops, the project moved and then settled in the cellars of Tour et Taxi.


16:00→17:00: Users Matter - Olivier Wathelet

Well known phenomenon and relatively old, Localism illustrates the issues and tensions inherent in the promotion of "local" consumption. Going from controlled designation of origin to “new cuisine”, from regional kitchens to shared gardens, there are many initiatives that question the role of consumers in the evolution of food production systems. Without being straightforward, this effort presents several challenges both in terms of the uses and the promotion of these practices. We propose to discuss several of them looking at the risks identified by anthropologists and sociologists of food.


17:00→18:00: Fablab - Open Discussion

As a space located in the heart of the city, and dedicated to research, how can a fablab contribute to the development of projects/products in its environment?

Open discussion between active members in the sector.

18:00→19:00: VeloFabrik

Between 2015 and 2017, in the heart of Anneessens neighborhood, Velofabrik produced and assembled bikes.
This project with a social purpose, mixing experience and know-how, was clumsy in appearing ahead of its time.
A look back at a bygone project that opened up many horizons around it.


19:00→20:00: BC Materials

Transforming excavated soil from construction sites into building materials, BC materials wants to help Belgians achieve their climate goals and improve the indoor quality of life in their projects. Transforming the raw earth from construction sites into local materials such as compressed earth blocks, plasters or even rammed earth for walls and floors, this project is a work in progress.


19:00→20:00: Talk20

In a short and efficient format, the speakers would be giving a brief overview on the projects they are leading.

21:00→22:00: Screenings

Screenings of various (short) films/documentairies related to the subject.

Timetable Sunday 13.09

Repair Café

10:00→18:00: Repair Café

Enjoy your Sunday by having a cup of coffee while repairing your clothes.
Is your sewing machine not working? We would also be repairing your machines or any equipment related to the discipline on this special sewing day.