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Katherine Melançon — Fauna

Katherine Melançon


Katherine Melançon is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in Montréal, Canada. whose Her practice is interested in the notion of process, non-traditional tools and materials, and the relations between living beings and technology. In a loop between experimentation and results, she seeks to question materials and explore their paths through cycles of metamorphosis be-tween the virtual and the material. In her latest works, nature controls what is created by hu-manity.

She is a graduate of Central Saint-Martins College of Arts & Design in London and has a Bache-lor’s degree in Communication/Interactive Media from UQAM.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and various European countries, no-tably in France at Galerie Charlot, in the United Kingdom at Arcadia Missa Gallery and in Swit-zerland at the Fotomuseum of Winterthur. Her works are part of private and public collections in Europe and North America, such as PADORAC and the Central Saint-Martins Museum Collec-tion.

Hyper Organisms