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Katerina Undo — Creatures Cluster

Katerina Undo
Creature Cluster


Katerina Undo is an artist living and working in Athens. She studied at Athens School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences, at Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences (MA in Economics), at Athens School of Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (MA in Art) and HISK/Higher Institute for Fine Art (laureate), Ghent. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Multimedia & Graphic Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology, attached to the Media Arts and Design Research Lab (MADLab).

The notion of the hearing body is the main focus of her work seeking for the interrelationships between subjects-objects, inside-outside as acts of ratiocination. Her practice highlights subjective sensible properties and mechanisms that reflect on the meaning to hear and to be heard. The production of relational exchanges in her work supports the contact with the vital energies animating the reality that situates the organism as a vibrant and vibrating matter. Through questioning relational intensities she introduces additional norms that unsettle singularity, as well as merge insensible and intelligible, social and personal, human and machine. Her work has been exhibited internationally at museums, institutions, biennials, and festivals.


Acknowledgements: Johannes Taelman (Axoloti Platform), Ralf Schreiber & Christian Faubel
Co-produced by: HISK and Overtoon

Hyper Organisms