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Ujoo + limheeyoung — Machine with Hair Caught in it & Machine with Pink

Ujoo + limheeyoung
Machine with Hair Caught in it & Machine with Pink


Ujoo+limheeyoung is a team composed of Ujoo and Lim Hee-young. Since first working together in 2004 in preparation for a design competition, they have been involved in projects that use a variety of means of visual expression -- kinetic sculpture, drawings, real-time interactive videos -- to address the theme of absurdity of reality. They bring the contradictions and absurdities found in situations across society, politics, and culture to their works. Through unexpected combinations of everyday objects and machines, they create new contexts.

Up until 2007, they were involved in interactive efforts using images and real time through Flash Action Script programs. Beginning in 2008, their main direction took a turn from video to kinetic work. They spent around one year in 2008 preparing for their solo exhibition by studying microprocessors, motors, real time clocks, and design programs to develop "Nice Engine_fantasy stimulating machine" and "Love Tower_love magnifying & maturing machine," which, in turn, led to their present work.

Ujoo+limheeyoung has exhibited around the KR, US, UK and Canada, including Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Culture Station Seoul 284, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Arsenal contemporary art and The Lowry. Their work is included in the collections of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Artbank in Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Hyundai motors.

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