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Natalia Jordanova

About Natalia's residency at iMAL

"Reunion of broken parts" is the working title of the project Natalia is currently developing at iMAL. It takes its name from al-jabr, the Arabic for algebra. Language as a form of vocalisation runs through all the pieces she is simultaneously making–a sculpture as a semantic object, a letter to the 13-years old Denis Villeneuve, and a sound piece in collaboration with visual artist and musician Yara Said. In this process, she works with the idea of a deconstructed film, from speculative props to a score and the narrative device of compressed time. She studies the territory of the book and later the movie, DUNE, as a fictionalised space of relation between cultures and creatures.

In her work, she aims to visualise what we don’t see, sonifies what does not exist yet and address someone in the past to think how stories we tell today will set our future.


As part of an ever-developing quest for possible worlds, Natalia's artistic practice is a subjective synthesis and material proposition of what defines the present moment.

She builds context-aware installations through her interdisciplinary approach and deployment of various practices. They translate materialities and study the sculptural possibilities in the exchangeability of the flat and 3-dimensional. Her work engages with the shift between digital and physical and weaves together narratives of past accumulations and future speculations.

She holds an MA from the Dirty Art department of Sandberg Institute in The Netherlands (2020), BA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2018), and BA in Photography from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria (2013). Her work was part of various exhibitions in The Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the UK.

Her most recent presentations include the group exhibition Market of desire: earthly/heavenly, curated by Aaron Harry Roth and Boyana Djikova; Sofia Art Week in September 2021; duo exhibition at POST, Arnhem; solo show at Rosa Stern, Munich and a Virtual Reality residency "Authentic Spaces" in Zeitz, Germany. In 2020 she participated in Unfair Temporary Museum in Amsterdam; Sofia City Art Gallery for BAZA Award for contemporary art; solo presentation at Art Rotterdam 2020; she received a nomination for the NN Art Award.


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The European project Halaqat is implemented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels. Halaqat is co-funded by the European Commission (under the designation: EU-LAS CULTURE), the Goethe-Institut and Bozar.

Sound piece in collaboration with Yara Said