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Playing with data: art and social networks


What is "Playing with data"?

Every day, we generate a multitude of digital traces that are stored to feed the insatiable voracity of Big Data and we create our 'digital twin'; a sort of alter ego that stores the reflection of our tastes, interests, behaviour, friendships, etc.

In this open source workshop, we use the recording of our digital data as creative material to develop, through various graphic experiments, a critical look at the social transformations generated in the air of the datacene.

The workshop has been produced by Cefire (Centre for Training, Innovation and Educational Resources Valencia, Spain), CCCC (Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea, Valencia, Spain) and the Planea network.

This educational resource is published in the Planea network resource centre and distributed under a Creative Commons licence.

Some of the results of the workshop can be accessed by searching #playingwithdata on Instagram.
The project will run from February 2024 to June 2024 at the Athénée Royale Toots Thielemans and the Académie des Arts Visuels de Molenbeek, for an estimated duration of 5 months. During this period, training will be given to the schools' teachers so that they can present the content in class, adapting it to the circumstances and needs of each school.

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