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From March 5 until May 31, 2020, we present an international art exhibition exploring the world of quantum physics, through works created by artists resulting from their encounters with researchers at CERN, Geneva.

The exhibition inaugurates our new center with an opening weekend (5-8th of March) offering its visitors a multidisciplinary programme around art & science. More information about the opening weekend here.

This collective exhibition presents ten commissioned artworks by internationally renowned artists, which rethink scientific research and facts to explore states of being and the very possibilities of reality. These works question how much we really know about the world around us, and how we may begin to discover new aspects by taking a different perspective. Vividly inspired by the minds of the scientists they met, each artist created their own piece, which reinterprets contemporary science in its own way.

In recent years, CERN in Geneva—the world’s largest laboratory of fundamental scientific research—has fostered new models of collaboration between arts and science. Within its Arts at CERN programme, artists are invited to spend time working alongside particle physicists and engineers. During these encounters, creative collisions occur, enriching and diversifying scientific thinking, whilst simultaneously providing endless resources for artistic practice. This exhibition brings together a selection of the works developed during the last three years of this programme.


Julieta Aranda (MX/US): Stealing One's own Corpse
Diann Bauer (US/UK): Scalar Oscillation
James Bridle (UK): A State of Sin
Juan Cortés (CO): Supralunar
HRM199 (UK): one1one
Yunchul Kim (SK): Cascade
Lea Porsager (DK): CØSMIC STRIKE
Semiconductor (UK): The View from Nowhere
Yu-Chen Wang (TW/UK): We aren't able to prove that just yet, but we know it's out there

This exhibition was curated by Mónica Bello (Arts at CERN) and José-Carlos Mariátegui.

James Bridle: A State of Sin
Picture by Rob Battersby

Julieta Aranda: Stealings one's own corpse
Picture by Rob Battersby

Yunchul Kim: Cascade
Picture by Rob Battersby

Yunchul Kim: Cascade
Picture by Rob Battersby

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